Water affects morphogenesis of growing aquatic plant leaves (PRL, Cover, Editors’ Suggestion). This work has been selected for a Focus (Explaining the Ruffles of Lotus Leaves) in Physics, highlighted by Nature (Rubber ‘leaves’ reveal the physics of the floating lotus), featured in Physics Buzz (How water can shape lotus leaves), PhysOrg (Improved mathematical model helps explain different lotus leaf types) and PhysicsWorld (Energy efficiency guides lotus leaf growth).


Pattern transitions in a soft cylindrical shell (PRL). This work has been highlighted as Picture Story (Roll up your sleeves) by Nature Physics 14, 534 (2018).


Pattern selection in core-shell spheres (JMPS)


Wrinkling and smoothing of a soft shell (JMPS)


Functionalized helical fibre bundles of carbon nanotubes as electrochemical sensors for long-term in vivo monitoring of multiple disease biomarkers (Nature Biomed. Eng.). This work has been highlighted as News & Views (Soft and fibrous multiplexed biosensors) by Nature Biomed. Eng. 4, 135–136 (2020).


Light-boosting highly sensitive pressure sensors based on bioinspired multiscale surface structures (Adv. Funct. Mater.)


A finite strain model predicts oblique wrinkles in stretched anisotropic films (IJES)

Orientable wrinkles in stretched orthotropic films (EML)


Thermal wrinkling of liquid crystal polymer shell/core spheres (EML)


Laser manipulated wrinkling patterns (EML)


On the wrinkling and restabilization of highly stretched sheets (IJES)


A modeling and resolution framework for wrinkling in hyperelastic sheets at finite membrane strain (JMPS)


Quantitative predictions of diverse wrinkling patterns in film/substrate systems (Sci. Rep.)


Snap-through instabilities of pressurized balloons: Pear-shaped bifurcation and localized bulging (NLM)


Photo-controlled patterned wrinkling of liquid crystalline polymer films on compliant substrates (IJSS)


Post-buckling evolution of wavy patterns in trapezoidal film/substrate bilayers (NLM)


On the buckling and post-buckling of core-shell cylinders under thermal loading (IJSS)


Light-induced bending and buckling of large-deflected liquid crystalline polymer plates (IJAM)


Axisymmetric/diamond-like mode transitions in core-shell cylinders under axial compression (JMPS)


Multi-scale modelling of film/substrate buckling (JMPS)


Checkerboard wrinkling patterns in 3D hyperelastic film/substrate bilayers (IJSS)


Period-doubling instability mode in 2D film/substrate systems (NLM)


Various wrinkling patterns in 3D film/substrate structures (IJSS)


Bridging techniques for pattern formation modelling (IJSS)