• 2019-2020

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  • 2016–2018

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  • 2013 —— 2015

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  • 2010 —— 2012

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    Some preprint papers:

    8. (With W. Wu) “Unstable entropies and Dimension Theory of Partially Hyperbolic Systems” arXiv:1811.03797(2018).

    7. (With An Chen) “Distributional chaos in non-recurrent points.” Preprint (2018).

    6. (With Y. Dong) “Different Statistical Future of Dynamical Orbits over Expanding or Hyperbolic Systems (II): Nonempty Syndetic Center.” arXiv:1803.06796(2018).

    5. (With Saghin, Sun, Vargas) “ENTROPY DEGENERACY FOR FLOWS: ACRITERION AND APPLICATIONS.” preprint 2017.

    4. (With Y. Dong) “Different Statistical Future of Dynamical Orbits over Expanding or Hyperbolic Systems (I): Empty Syndetic Center.” arXiv:1701.01910(2017).

    3. (With Yiwei Dong) “Multifractal Analysis of The New Level Sets” arXiv:1510.06514(2015).

    2. Lyapunov `Non-typical’ Points of Matrix Cocycles and Topological Entropy, arXiv:1505.04345 (2015)

    1. (with Wenxiang Sun)Diffeomorphisms with Liao-Pesin set,arXiv:1004.0486[covering previous version of two papers:(1)Hyperbolic Periodic Points and Hyperbolic Measures with Dominated Splitting, arXiv:1011.6011 (2010)(2)Pesin set, closing lemma and shadowing lemma in $C^1$ non-uniformly hyperbolic systems with limit domination, arXiv:1004.0486(2010) ]


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    Dynamical Systems  &  Ergodic theory

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