Yangfeng Su

Professor of Mathematics, Fudan University  CV


Room 1820, East Guanghua Tower

School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University

Shanghai 200433, China

Email: yfsu@fudan.edu.cn

Office: (+86-21)6564-3620


  • Matrix Computations (graduate course)
  • Numerical Approximation (undergraduate course)

Recent Publications:

  • Y Su, Z Bai, Solving rational eigenvalue problems via linearization, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2011.
  • X Huang, Z Bai, Y Su, Nonlinear rank-one modification of the symmetric eigenvalue problem, J. Comput. Math, 2010.
  • X Zeng, F Yang, Y Su, W Cai, NHAR: A non‐homogeneous Arnoldi method for fast simulation of RCL circuits with a large number of ports, nternational Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2010.
  • YT Li, Z Bai, Y Su, A two-directional Arnoldi process and its application to parametric model order reduction, Journal of computational and applied mathematics, 2009.
  • F Yang, X Zeng, Y Su, D Zhou, RLC equivalent circuit synthesis method for structure-preserved reduced-order model of interconnect in VLSI, Commun. Comput. Phys, 2008.
  • YT Li, Z Bai, Y Su, X Zeng, Model order reduction of parameterized interconnect networks via a two-directional arnoldi process, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 2008.
  • YT Li, Z Bai, Y Su, X Zeng, Parameterized model order reduction via a two-directional Arnoldi process, Computer-Aided Design, IEEE, 2007.
  • J Tao, X Zeng, W Cai, Y Su, D Zhou, Chiang C, Stochastic sparse-grid collocation algorithm (SSCA) for periodic steady-state analysis of nonlinear system with process variations, Pages 474-479, Proceedings of the 2007 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, 2007
  • F Yang, X Zeng, Y Su, D Zhou, RLCSYN: RLC equivalent circuit synthesis for structure-preserved reduced-order model of interconnect, Circuits and Systems, IEEE, 2007.
  • Older Publications