Jianping Zeng  (复旦大学 曾剑平)

School of Computer Science

Fudan University


I received Bachelor & Master Degree from Fuzhou University in 1994 and 1997 respectively. After graduation, I served in Xiamen Post Bureau from March 1997 to August 2003, as an engineer and general engineer in IT section respectively. Then I began to study as a PhD candidate in Xiamen University and got PhD degree in July 2006. I performed post-doctoral research in NIEC, Fudan University from August 2006 to October 2008. Now I work as a teacher and academic researcher in Fudan. I serve in the editorial board (编委) of International Journal of Network Security, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence, International Journal of Information Processing and Management, and International Journal of Computer Applications. I also become reviewer of several journals, such as World Wide Web Journal, Knowledge-based Systems, IEEE TKDE, IEEE SMC, and so on. (More …)

Since 2004, I have published more than 30 papers in international (JCR 3 and above) or national journal, and conference proceedings (More …). New ideas and methods about topic modeling, topic propagation, user activity modeling and HMM theory, have been proposed in these papers published by ESWA, KBS, MCMDS, etc. Some of the work has been considered as of valuable and cited by research papers in well-known international journals, such as IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Knowledge-based Systems, Artificial Intelligence Review, and so on.

I also took part in many research & development projects from nation, province, etc, and some of them are widely used in China. Because of the excellent work, I was rewarded with several honors, such as Fujian science and technology awards, National post bureau science and technology awards (More …). I got qualification certificate of computer and software technology proficient (senior system analyst,计算机软件高级系统分析师) from National Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Personnel in 2004.

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