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复旦大学生命科学学院,教授, 博士生导师。



学术刊物副主编/编委:Ecological Research(AEiC), Ibis, Journal of Avian Biology, Bird Conservation International, Avian Research, The Stilt, 动物学杂志

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Telephone: +86-21-3124 6685
Mailing address: Room G309, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University (Jiangwan campus), No. 2005 Songhu Road, Shanghai, 200438, P. R. China (200438, 上海市淞沪路2005号,复旦大学江湾校区生命科学学院 G309室)

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Papers (In English):
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Papers (In Chinese):
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Study interests

Migration ecology of shorebirds
Many migrants travel thousands of kilometers between their breeding and nonbreeding grounds annually. To accomplish long-distance migratory flight, migrants require a series of stopover sites to take food and deposit fuel. Linkiing breeding and nonbreeding grounds, stopover sites are critical for the life cycle of migrants. Coastal and estuarine wetlands in the Yellow Sea region are important stopover sites for migratory shorebirds along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. Studies on the stopover ecology and migration strategies of shorebirds will be helpful for understanding the mystery of bird migration, and for making targeted conservation strategies on migrants.
许多候鸟每年在繁殖地和非繁殖地(越冬地)之间进行数千甚至上万公里的迁徙。为了顺利完成长距离的迁徙活动,候鸟迁徙过程中要在一系列的迁徙停歇地补充能量。因此,迁徙停歇地是鸟类在繁殖地和非繁殖地之间的联系纽带,对于候鸟完成完整的生活史起着关键作用。 黄海区域的滨海湿地是东亚-澳大利亚迁徙路线上鸻鹬类重要的迁徙停歇地。了解鸟类在该区域的迁徙停歇生态,分析鸟类对迁徙停歇地的利用模式和迁徙对策,探讨候鸟对环境变化的响应及其适应性,有助于深入认识鸟类的迁徙活动以及制定针对性的保护措施。

Effects of environmental changes on birds on wetlands
Environmental changes caused by human activities have brought enormous effects on biodiversity worldwide. As one of the golbal biodiversity hotspots, the Yellow Sea coastal region suffers serious threats from desnse human population and rapid economic development. Birds are sensitive to enviromental changes and thus are indices for the quality and importance of wetlands. Focusing on the Yellow Sea coastal wetlands, we study on the population dynamics of birds and their responses to environmental changes including land-use changes, biological invasion, and food changes. Results will provide scientific basis for bird conservation.

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Research projects

国家自然科学基金重点项目: 候鸟迁徙活动的稳定性及其对环境变化的响应:以两种鹬类为例. 2019-2023.
国家自然科学基金面上项目: 候鸟迁徙活动的季节差异和年际差异:以中杓鹬为例. 2018-2021.
上海市科委项目课题: 崇明鸟类保育与再生能源协调发展关键技术研究及示范. 2018-2020.
国家自然科学基金面上项目: 迁徙停歇地的食物资源变化对鸻鹬类食物利用、能量积累及活动性的影响. 2016-2019.
国家自然科学基金面上项目: 外来植物互花米草入侵盐沼湿地对繁殖鸟类的影响及其机理. 2013-2016.
上海市科委科技崇明专项课题:生态治理工程对栖息地生态完整性影响及食物链优化配置. 2013-2015.
世界自然基金会项目: 中国黄渤海地区春季迁徙鸻鹬类调查. 2013.
世界自然基金会项目: 中国河口及沿海地区观鸟活动对鸟类及其栖息地的保护作用. 2011.
国家自然科学基金面上项目: 鸻鹬类的迁徙停歇生态学研究: 食物来源、组成及能量积累. 2011-2013.
大自然保护协会项目: 上海地区气候变化对鸟类的影响及鸟类保护对策与建议. 2009.
上海市科委项目课题: 不同鸟类栖息地空间布局与适宜栖息地营造技术. 2008-2010.
上海市教委科技创新项目: 迁徙停歇地的食物资源变化对候鸟能量积累的影响: 以崇明东滩鸻鹬类为例. 2007-2010.
国家自然科学基金面上项目: 鸻鹬类在迁徙停歇地的雄性早现及其生态影响. 2007-2009.
上海市科委青年启明星计划: 迁徙鸟类的中途停歇生态学及迁徙对策. 2005-2007.
上海市绿化管理局项目: 上海地区湿地保护与利用现状的研究. 2005.
国家自然科学基金青年项目: 黑腹滨鹬对中途停歇地的利用模式及迁徙对策. 2005-2007.
上海市科委项目课题: 鸟类在九段沙湿地生态系统中的功能及其保育. 2005-2007.
世界自然基金会项目: 崇明东滩鸟类自然保护区鸟类栖息地状况评价. 2004-2006.
上海市环保局项目: 上海市生物多样性及外来生物入侵调查. 2002-2003.
BP Conservation Programme: Conservation of waterbirds and their habitats in Chongming Island. 2001-2002.
上海市博士后科学基金: 崇明东滩鸟类栖息地的演变及保护对策. 2001-2002.
UNESCO Young Scientist Award: Is it suitable to carry out development activities in the Core Area? A case study in Yancheng Reserve. 2000-2001.
WCS Research Fellowship Programme: Conservation on the Crested Ibis and its habitats. 1999-2001.
ICF Programme: Habitat change and its influences to the Red-crowned Crane in winter. 1999-2000.
中国博士后科学基金: 朱鹮活动区与栖息地选择的无线电遥测研究. 1999-2000.

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